• Image of Mondo Rock Besto Mondo (CD)
  • Image of Mondo Rock Besto Mondo (CD)

Aztec Records have released the long awaited Besto Mondo – Greatest Hits Collection (2015) – on limited edition digi-pak CD.

Gil Matthews has lovingly re-mastered all the tracks, most from original master tapes and there is a comprehensive 20 page booklet included in the CD package.

This is the definitive Mondo Rock collection, compiled by the band and includes every single from 1980 onwards.


Come Said The Boy
Summer of 81
State Of The Heart
Cool World
No Time
The Queen and Me
In Another Love
The Moment
Good Advice
Baby Wants To Rock
Modern Bop
Rule of Threes
Boom Baby Boom
Primitive Love Rites
I Had You In Mind


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